Sep 042017

{{wp-favorite-posts}} fish PRACTICAL LIFE Materials Presentation cycle Mats Classroom environment Twisting Pouring Beans Pouring Water Pouring through Funnel  Tweezing Window washing Cloth folding Cutting Pegging  Spooning Scooping Sifting  Scrubbing  Setting Table  Mopping Vacuuming Polishing Brass Polishing Mirror Cutting Flowers Dusting Dustpan and Brush Open a Padlock  Nuts and Bolts Open/Close Boxes Open/Close Door Open/Close Window […]

Aug 032015

The use of computer and handheld applications in the Montessori Method seems to attract mixed responses from Montessorians. One of the cornerstones of the Montessori Method is that it relies on concrete cognitive signals that are gained from learning through the senses, for example a sensorial exercise with the Red Rods which is one of […]