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Aug 172015

L e s s o n I d e a => World Humanitarian Day Free Printables

Click above to Download these Free MontessoriHelper Materials “10 Simple Poverty Statistics every Child Can Learn with Ease.”


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This is what people have to say about Montessori Helper…

Thanks for the clear explanations in the use of the sensorial materials. They are a great help in my teaching the young kids.


I love the resources. they are eye openers. You cared which i share among my students


thanks for this outline.. im working on opening a daycare next year.. this is a big help… thanks andGod bless… im working on a limited budget but i like to believe that Montessori is not for the rich here in Manila. i believe that I can bridge the gap and offer it also to the poor kids…or middle income families as well. thanks again.

Christina - MontessoriHelper Premium Unlimited Member

Thank you so much for your very fast response and for your comments.

As mentioned, I think what you are doing is simply superb. You are helping people to bring education to kids who cannot afford this education. Most of us who do this work do so on a small budget of our personal funds. So I am grateful that this is affordable to me.

Tony - MontessoriHelper Premium Unlimited Member

Thank You for nice book.I am teacher in primary school in Croatia. My English is not very good, but I can understand a lot of words.I think that all good teachers just must do similar like M. Montessori done.

Because that, I try to learn new methods conected with education, and I will be visitor of Yours site. Maybe only free topics, but ...You understand...I have downloaded book and I am so excited. I hope something I will do with pupils in my class.

Best wishes, Mirna - Osijek - Croatia


Great site! for Montessori directress, teachers, helpers, administrators of Nursery schools as well as mothers. keep it up.


you are a GOD sent angel to my school.... montessori principles, materials, and a lot of innovative materials towards the use of the montessori program had perfected my idea and assured me that I am towards success. thank you for your great help as your name connotes.




your program is v nice


This is a fascinating real helper!


I am an early child hood educator for the past 13 years and I like this site. Always looking for different ways to teach concepts


VirginiaHi I am an Early Childhood Educator I really like this site and looking forward for more information about the Montessori Method.


Emmalice - MontessoriHelper Premium Unlimited MemberI have been searching for these for a while now. These are very nice. Thank you so much! I can't wait to laminate and put these on the shelf. : )

Emmalice - MontessoriHelper Premium Unlimited Member

I am very happy to have discovered this site, keep up the good job


It's easy and fun 2 learn with Montessori apparatus.

Olusi - Lagos state Poly

Promise - National Open University of NigeriaI love the Montessori method. It is the best.

Promise - National Open University of Nigeria

My children loved to add up to ten and they feel curious about putting the rods back forming the normal red and blue rods.


I found it very resourceful and interesting , at least i benefited from it


Hi, My daughter is 7 yrs now she started learning through phonetic sound only and she made me learn also. Now she is able to read even the difficult words with sound(if she wants to) without my help. its the best medium for teaching kids.


This site is the Best Educational Website I have EVER come across. I have been finding useful information since I established my Montessori College here in Ghana.

Montessori College - Ghana

Hi, I am Linda from Nigeria and I run a Nursery and Primary school. In my little understanding of what I have read about Montessori, we are practicing this method in our school. However, the biggest problem is how to get the materials and equipments . The ideas you have shared have really helped me .Thanks a mil....Linda.


Lynne - Montessori Helper Premium Unlimited MemberLastly - I like the wording on the subscription page. Makes sense. And you really have nice materials - you really do.

Lynne - Montessori Helper Premium Unlimited Member

Michelle - Montessori StudentHi! im currently studying to be a montessori teacher and i find your site helpful and interesting.

Michelle - Montessori Student

Wonderful, Splendid...I would like more on the mechanics of correct hand writing and reading

Mukesh k

Ekini like your link very much...i teach preschool children age 5 and's very useful to me...i would like to know more about montessori teaching and lessons so i can use it in my lesson daily...
best of luck,


The site is good and helpful


We are member of AMS and we always appreciate updates .. Montessori way of learning is very effective.. Children learn from basics to learning for life...

Emerlinda -American Montessori Society

StevenThis is agood service , plz keep on the pace , its wonderful


Many thanks for your help. It has really helped. Very nice of you. Excellent service.

MH Subscriber

It is really fascinating and very helpful,for teachers teaching in Childhood development.Could I please ask for help using this method in an Indigenous curriculum?


nice,it's very educating

Abdul Subchan

Montessori helper it a great pleasure to use this site.


I really like your site very much...


Abdul WaasThe site is good and helpful for resourceful and creative teachers.

Abdul Waas

Thanks for the link.. I really appreciate your support.Thank you for sharing.I would like to more more about the Montessori Method.


I like your site. since I started a montessori for the church I find it very useful. Thank your so much. would like to know more.


hi. I really like this site because it has lots of information about the Montessori Method. I want to know more about it and wish the very best to your team for creating this mindblowing idea for us.

Farzana Pakistan

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This Day is dedicated to affirming that poverty is a violation of human rights. The day is devoted to presenting and promoting concrete activities to ensure the eradication of poverty. Click here to Download these Free Materials “10 Simple Poverty Statistics every Child Can Learn with Ease.”

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99c Sale - European Landmarks

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LessonIdea => Mandela Day 18 July 2012

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  This is an annual international day on his birthday, on 18 July, adopted by the United Nations. Individuals, communities and organisations are asked to donate 67 minutes to doing something for others, Commemorating the 67 years that he gave to the struggle for social justice Why not join this celebration of Peace by presenting […]